Night Babies

“Night cars humming through the snow

Night cars drifting

Night cars slow

Night cars calling out your name

Night cars hiding in your dreams …”

~ Teddy Jam, Night Cars

One of our favourite books to read to our restless oldest child when he was a baby/toddler was Canadian Teddy Jam’s Night Cars. It was kindly given to me by a mom from the school community in which I was working as a teacher-librarian. She obviously recognized the bleary-eyed fatigue of a first-time Mom!

We were living in a 2nd floor apartment in Toronto at the time. And, much like the narrator in Night Cars, we often paced the floor of our living room at night, holding our little one and looking out the lead glass windows at the shadowy houses, flickering street lights and “humming” cars of the Bloor West Village below. I don’t think another book captures that exhausting yet wondrous time in our lives nearly as well.

Which baby or toddler books hold a special place in your heart?

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